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LEMAX Mini vacuum pump

Economic in everything except performance

LEMAX Mini vacuum pump

LEMAX mini-vacuum pump: economic in everything except performance

After the launch of the LEM in 2009, a new generation mini vacuum module integrating, in a smaller size, all the functions of the vacuum pump, COVAL has entered a new phase with the LEMAX. Emphasis with this new product is on energy saving through continuous monitoring and regulation.

AIR SAVING CONTROL (ASC) technology at the heart of the LEMAX

With this new mini-pump, the guiding principle is energy saving. The LEMAX integrates ASC (AIR SAVING CONTROL) technology for the very first time. It generates energy savings of between 60 to 97%, depending on the applications.

ASC limits energy consumption on two levels:

. Air is only consumed to create the vacuumand to enable gripping and moving the piece. Once the regulated vacuum level has been reached, a valve closes,enabling the piece to be held without any consumption of energy. If the vacuum level drops, an air intake is generated until it returns to the initial value.
The ASCanalyses the application and adapts to airtight or porous pieces in order to optimize energy use and consumption.

The best of COVAL

The LEMAX also benefits from all of COVAL's technological advances:

Compactness:  the LEMAX integrates all the main functions in a single module: pressure control, pilot solenoid valves, non-clogging through-type silencer, electronic vacuum switch, M8 connector (Plug & Play direct connection), and adjustable blow-off. Its reduced size and weight (130 grams) enables it to be connected as close as possible to the suction cups for reduced gripping time without drop in pressure.

Communication: The LEMAX supplies accurate information to the user at each operation phase. It has a dialogue façade which operates directly on the electronic card, controlling the main functions and settings.

Modularity: the LEMAX adjusts itself to the needs of the integrator and user. It is available in 6 configurations: three standard nozzle diameters (1; 1,2; 1,4 mm) allowing an intake flow of 29 à 70 Nl/mn (90% maximum vacuum). It can be provided with a normally closed (NC) or normally open (NO) solenoid valve. This alternative is recommended for applications where safety of the gripped piece must imperatively be ensured during an inadvertent power failure, this even in the case of leakage (fail-safe). It is possible to combine several LEMAX on island assemblies with a single pressure supply.

Areas of use 

COVAL recommends using the LEMAX for gripping airtight pieces in the following materials: glass - plastic - treated wood - sheet metal ...
Industries concerned are: Packaging - Robotics - Plastics

Applications: Clamping, transfer.

LEMAX, what makes the difference
. ASC technology :energy consumption reduced by 60 to 97%
Integrated regulation: energy savings, reduced consumption and noise level
Reduced size: assembly near the suction cups for better efficiency
Holding time:Two times faster than multi-stage technology
Non-clogging:Thanks to the through-type silencer, no maintenance necessary

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COVAL, the vacuum where it's needed,
 when it's needed
Based in France, COVAL designs, manufactures and commercializes worldwide high performance components and vacuum systems for industrial applications in all the sectors. ISO 9001 V2008 certified company, COVAL innovates worldwide in the field of vacuum handling by optimized vacuum components while integrating reliable and intelligent functions. They are adaptable to all industrial contexts; the objective is to improve the productivity in total security. COVAL references can be found in all main industrial sectors (packaging, automobile, plastics, aeronautic, printing...) where the vacuum handling is significant for the efficiency and productivity. COVAL commercializes its products and services all over the world thanks to its subsidiaries and its authorized distribution network.

Fact & figures:
French manufacturer
Headquarters based in 1986 at Montelier(26), France
Staff: 45 people with an average age of 34 years
Turnover 2012 : 6,7 millions €
30 distributors in France, worldwide distribution network and subsidiaries in EUROPE, North America and South America.
Production site: Montelier (26)

Product ranges:
Vacuum pumps, suction cups, vacuum switches, vacuum grippers, accessories, vacuum lifters, tube lifters.

Your contact:
Stéphane GARCIA
Communication Manager
Tél. : + 33 (0)4 75 60 16 53

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